Online Blackjack Odds

Online blackjack odds dictate the chances that a player has to win over the house. Having a firm understanding of these odds is imperative in order to form solid blackjack strategies.

Odds of Going Bust

The objective of the game of blackjack is to beat the dealer by achieving a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over. In order to do this, players must be able to accurately determine whether to hit or stand. Players who choose to hit on a total of 20 have a 92 percent chance of going bust, whereas a player who chooses to hit on 12 only has a 31 percent chance of busting. Because of this, it is common knowledge that players should stand on hands totaling 16 or 17 in most cases--often depending on what the dealer is holding--since the odds of going bust on these hands are 62 and 69 percent, respectively.

The Dealer's Final Hand

Since the dealer often has very specific rules to follow, the online blackjack odds for the dealer are often a bit different. There is a 28.36 percent chance of the dealer achieving a total of 16 on any given hand, so in most cases players should strive for a hand of 17 or more. Furthermore, the dealer has more than a 40 percent chance of going bust if they turn up a five or a six. Players can choose to use this to their advantage and further increase their chances of winning. Other strategies, like doubling down and splitting a hand, may further increase a player's blackjack odds; other articles on this site go into further details about these.

Many games, such as slots, do not require a player to have in-depth knowledge about the odds. Understanding online blackjack odds, however, can give the same player a huge advantage over the dealer and the house.